“Thank you all for this great achievement. I am especially happy with the fruitful and effective cooperation between the different XXX groups around the world and Sankalp as design-house. Great teamwork!”

BU Director

Leading Automotive Solutions Company

“We asked our internal engineering team to do the feasibility analysis for the required product. However, the analysis done by Sankalp was at a different level. The mathematical details of the trade-offs really helped us understand the challenges. In the end, it helped us take the right decision for our customer.”

Vice President, Engineering

Innovative Power Management Company

“Given the constraints I would like to say our engagement with Sankalp Engineers went very well overall. Always : very proactive for changes and improvement suggestions. The entire circuit team was new and there were lot of hiccups from design side too added to this the schedule was a really compressed compared to older generations. The execution of the entire project was almost flawless thanks to day-to-day management after some initial hiccups. The feather in the cap would be L2 and L1 cache implementation. L2 was a big memory and the design was done from scratch. L1 is the most challenging macro in our architecture. Also, I would like to bring out the fact that the entire team was almost stable throughout the project.”

Sr. Manager

Design Engineering – Cores